Maren Beach | Park

PARK Maren Beach caters to all ages to offer a family-friendly holiday experience and offers a specially designed playground for children. This park is a place where our little guests can throw their energy and have fun. Various play equipment, such as colorful playgrounds, slides and swinging ones, have been thought out to ensure that […]

Maren Beach | Cafe

CAFE The cute cafe section of Maren Beach offers a rich entertainment and relaxation experience. Here you can play board games to have a pleasant time with your friends and family. In addition, you can enjoy hookah and choose from our refreshing drinks or alcoholic beverages. During match times, we offer an excellent venue for […]

Maren Beach | Game

GAME The gaming section of Maren Beach offers the most up-to-date entertainment to attract gamers. There are state-of-the-art game consoles such as PlayStation here and it offers an ideal place to play the latest games. In addition, we organize PES and FIFA tournaments for football fans. If card games attract you more, fun card games […]

Maren Beach | Karaokee

KARAOKE Maren Beach gives its guests unforgettable moments with fun-filled Karaoke nights. Accompanied by the peaceful sound of the sea, these special events, where you can have the opportunity to showcase your talents, offer an ideal option for you to have a pleasant time in a friendly atmosphere. Karaoke nights are just one of the […]

Maren Beach | Bar

BAR Maren Beach Bar is an indispensable point of the Alanya coast. This special bar offers its guests an unforgettable seaside experience by serving refreshing drinks and ice-cold drinks. When you are enjoying the beach or relaxing in the sun, Maren Beach Bar complements your pleasure with its drinks and beverages. An excellent choice to […]

Maren Beach | Beach

BEACH Maren Beach is a unique holiday spot located on the magnificent coastline of Alanya. This beach, which invites you to step on its warm golden sands, is not only located on the shore of the sea, but also filled with many services offering drinks, iced drinks and delicious dishes. Pamper yourself by relaxing under […]